Substitution as a strategy for reducing the criticality of raw materials for environmental technologies. Determination of potentials for second-best solutions (SubSKrit)

Start:15th of August 2014
Resources & Transport
Description:The goal of the research project is to develop a roadmap for the substitution of critical raw materials in environmental technologies. This roadmap aims to show which substitution measures can substantially contribute to enabling a future expansion of environmental technologies – also against the background of rising supply risks for raw materials. Furthermore, it will take into account the long lead times, barriers and favourable factors of developments from the research stage to market maturity and diffusion. The roadmap aims to make an important contribution to the implementation and further development of a national strategy on raw materials and to Germany’s resource efficiency programme as well as to provide impulses for the national and international political debate. To this end, the responsible actors and instruments are identified and external experts are incorporated in the project.
Flyer: Flyer SubSKrit_EN.pdf (1.49 MB)
Authors involved:Buchert, Matthias
Prakash, Siddharth
Degreif, Stefanie
Bulach, Winfried
Köhler, Andreas
Möller, Martin