Strategies for Sustainable Raw Material Supply for Electric Vehicles

Start:1st of April 2017
End:31st of October 2017
Resources & Transport
Description:Electric vehicles are the key to decarbonising the transport sector. Indeed, research shows that the rapid, robust and widespread adoption of vehicles powered with electricity from batteries or fuel cells is essential for the global transport sector to become climate-neutral by 2050. However, a range of non-renewable materials that are only mined in a limited range of countries are required to manufacture batteries and fuel cells. This study examines whether these commodities (i.e. lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite for batteries, and platinum for fuel cells) are available in sufficient quantities for the large-scale production of electric vehicles. In this connection, it explores how market prices for key commodities could potentially develop in coming decades. It also considers measures for ensuring raw-materials mining is socially and environmentally sustainable.
Authors involved:Dolega, Peter
Degreif, Stefanie
Buchert, Matthias